Welcome to Mahou Shoujo, the card battle game about Magical Girls beating the sparkle out of each other! Transform your Heroes into a variety of different Magical Girls, cast Magical Powers, and summon Pets to your side in a good old fashioned Shoujo Showdown!
Twin Cherry Flies
Humming Dragon


What is a Magic Girl?

It's a girl... Who is magic...

Do all of these cute animals have names?

Yes! They do! You can find all of them out by playing the game.

Question #3

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Question #4

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Question #5

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Where can I find more from these artists?

You can find all of these artists at these links.


Mila Pokorny
Emily Dravuschak
Patrick Cooley
Grant Walker
Published by QuadraTron Games
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Jeanette & Shawn Applegate
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