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Arena Rules

Welcome to Mahou Shoujo, the game about Magical Girls beating the sparkle out of each other! To win the game, you need to earn GEMS by defeating your rival's HEROES and MAGICAL GIRLS.

Forget the gems. Let's get brutal!

Welcome to Mahou Shoujo ARENA MODE! This game mode pits a select team of heroes against another select team of heroes in a LAST SHINING SHOUJO STANDING SPARKLE MATCH!
To begin the game, each player selects their own team of at least 3 heroes and places them face down on the squad. The squad size is limitless in this mode. You can have more heroes as long as both players have the same team size. This fight needs to be fair after all.
Both players draw a hand of five from their deck, pick one of their heroes on the squad, and push their hero forward into the active fighter position. They then select one magical girl from their hand and put it face down alongside their hero. Decide who goes first, flip your hero and magical girl face up, and the game begins!
There are no gems in this mode. Play continues until one team remains standing.
Peppermint Dandy



Search through your deck and pick any 3 HERO cards (these will be part of your starting hand). Then shuffle the deck and draw four more cards. If you do not have a MAGICAL GIRL, shuffle those 4 cards back into your deck and redraw 4 new cards.


Lay one HERO of your choice and one MAGICAL GIRL of your choice face down onto the field in the ACTIVE POSITION. After you both have a pair in front of you, flip over your cards and the fight begins! Whoever goes first does not get to draw a card on this turn.


At the start of your turn draw one card from your deck (except for the first turn of the first player).


You can then do any 2 of these actions: Transform, Attack, Retreat, Draw, Play a Pet, Play a Magical Power, Grand Transformation.


Once you have done that, it is your rival's turn. Play until one of you has defeated enough of your rival's HEROES or MAGICAL GIRLS to acquire 3 FULL GEMS.


ACTIVE FIGHTER: You play all your other cards here and attack your rival's ACTIVE FIGHTER.
SQUAD: Up to 3 HEROES who sit behind the ACTIVE FIGHTER.
DREAMSCAPE: The discard pile. Whenever a MAGICAL GIRL runs out of MGK, a MAGICAL POWER is used, or a HERO is defeated, they go here.


FREE ACTION: It's a free ACTION to put a HERO from your hand onto your SQUAD or into the ACTIVE POSITION (as long as another HERO isn't there).
TRANSFORM: Attaching a MAGICAL GIRL onto either an active HERO or a SQUAD MEMBER. When you attach a MAGICAL GIRL to a HERO, their STATS combine!
GRAND TRANSFORMATION: Transform you MAGICAL GIRL into a GRAND MAGICAL GIRL. All their stats combine and MGK is reduced to 0. GRAND MAGICAL GIRLS can attack once (ATTACK action) and last until the beginning of your next turn. After that, any cards attached to that HERO go right in to the DREAMSCAPE. Be sure you meet the conditions on the card before you play it!
ATTACK: Spend 1 MGK from your ACTIVE FIGHTER to attack your rival's ACTIVE FIGHTER, reducing their HP.
RETREAT: Swap the ACTIVE FIGHTER on the field with one on the SQUAD. Any damage that fighter has taken with that fighter is healed.
DRAW CARD: Draw another card from your deck.
PLAY MAGICAL POWER: Spend the MGK cost on this card from your ACTIVE FIGHTER to activate it's effect.
SUMMON PET: PETS cost MGK to play, shown at the bottom right corner of the card, and last until either the MAGICAL GIRL they are attached to runs out of MGK or until the ACTIVE FIGHTER runs out of HP
PLAY EVENT: Can be played at ANY TIME to great effect (especially during your rival's turn). It does not cost an action to play an EVENT.
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HEROES and MAGICAL GIRLS: Whatever HP your HERO gains during the fight stays with the HERO. Let's say your HERO has already taken damage and TRANSFORMS; add the MAGICAL GIRL'S HP to whatever is left of the HERO'S HP.


If a MAGICAL GIRL'S MGK runs out before her HP, she is sent to the DREAMSCAPE and the HERO stays in play until they are defeated.


If you run out of HEROES, draw a card. Is it a HERO? If yes, play as normal. If not, put that card in your hand. If you continue to draw this way, draw until you have 4 cards. Any cards after send to the DREAMSCAPE. Continue this process until you draw a HERO card. If you completely run out of cards in your deck, YOU LOSE.